The members of the executive board

1st. chairman: Prof. Dr. Michael Bollig - Köln

2nd. chairman: Dr. Josef von Schillde

3rd. chairman: Dr. Alexandra Pichlmeier

1st. secretary: Luther Zaire

writing chairman: Evelin Hermanns

care of members: Roland Holzheimer

members of the advisory council: Dr. Reinhard Pichlmeier, Heike Heinemann-Bollig, Georgina von Schillde, Irit Holzheimer, Ida MühlenbeinDieter Mühlenbein

here is our contact adress and the imprint "Contactsite"


In substance responsible according to § 10 section 3 MDStV:

Roland Holzheimer - Komotauer Str. 37 - 90766 Fürth - Germany

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